The Workers' Party
Irish Name:Páirtí na nOibrí
Years Active:1977
Other Names:Sinn Féin The Workers' Party  (19771982)
The Workers' Party [NBC]  (2021) … Successor
The Workers' Party [AC]  (2021) … Successor
Groups & Sections: InfoWorkers Party Youth  … Youth Organisation
  Documents in Archive:65
  Publications:Workers' Party Report, Workers' Life, Women's View, The United Irishman, The Irish People, Teoiric, Socialist Digest, Notes and Comments, Making Sense, Look Left, Ireland, Focus, Class Politics
  International Affiliations:World Federation of Democratic Youth 
International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties (1998)
  European Affiliations:Initiative of Communist and Workers' Parties (European Party) 
Left Unity (European Parliament Group) (19891994)
  Precursor:Sinn Féin [Official]
  Other Related Organisation: Democratic Left
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The Workers’ Party (Irish: Páirtí na nOibrithe) is a Marxist–Leninist political party active in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

It arose as the original Sinn Féin organisation founded in 1905 by Arthur Griffith, but took its current form in 1970 following a division within the party, in which it was the larger faction. This majority group continued under the same leadership as Sinn Féin (Gardiner Place) or Official Sinn Féin. The party name was changed to Sinn Féin – The Workers’ Party in 1977 and then to the Workers’ Party in 1982. (The breakaway group became known as “Sinn Féin (Kevin Street)” or “Provisional Sinn Féin”, giving rise to the contemporary party known as Sinn Féin).



The Workers’ Party name has been disputed since divisions in 2021. Two organisations with distinct Ard Comhairlí (Central Executive Committees) are active, one with Party President Michael McCorry, and the second with Party President Ted Tynan. The latter organisation was formed by the Northern Business Committee, Tynan and others, and ran candidates In the 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly elections.

As documents are produced by both, we have labelled them Workers’ Party [AC] and Workers Party [NBC] respectively for clarity.

Other names, groups or sections

  • The Workers' Party [NBC]

    The Workers' Party [NBC]

    This entry represents The Workers’ Party whose Party President is Ted Tynan.

  • The Workers' Party [AC]

    The Workers' Party [AC]

    This entry represents The Workers’ Party whose Party President is Michael McCorry.


The Workers' Party

WikipediaWorkers' Party of Ireland 

Workers Party Youth


Sinn Féin The Workers' Party

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The Workers' Party [NBC] 

The Workers' Party [AC] 



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The United Irishman


Women's View

Notes and Comments

Workers' Life


The Irish People

Class Politics

Workers' Party Report

Making Sense

Socialist Digest


Look Left


Related Material

Items about The Workers' Party.


A list of known publications from The Workers' Party, including those not represented in the Irish Left Archive collection.

Class Politics1983The Workers' Party
Focus: Internal Bulletin of the Workers' PartyUnknownThe Workers' Party
Ireland1981 c.1987 c.Sinn Féin The Workers' Party, The Workers' Party
Irish People, The (An Choismhuintir)19731991Sinn Féin [Official], The Workers' Party
Lagan Leader, The1988 c.The Workers' Party
Leeside People, The1992 c.1993 c.The Workers' Party
Look Left2006The Workers' Party
Making Sense19881992The Workers' Party
Northern People, The1980 c.2000 c.The Workers' Party
Notes and Comments: Internal Newsletter of Sinn Féin the Workers PartyUnknownSinn Féin The Workers' Party
Socialist Digest19911992 c.The Workers' Party
Socialist Student1987 c.1988 c.The Workers' Party
Socialist Youth1989Workers Party Youth
Teoiric: Theoretical journal of the Republican Movement19711980 c.Sinn Féin [Official], The Workers' Party
ThinkLeft: Theoretical and discussion journal of the Workers' Party2014The Workers' Party
Tomorrow's People1991 c.The Workers' Party
United Irishman, The (An tÉireannach Aontaithe)19481980Sinn Féin [Pre 1970], Sinn Féin [Official], Sinn Féin The Workers' Party
Waterford People, The1990 c.1992 c.The Workers' Party
West Belfast News19861989The Workers' Party
Women's View: Ireland's current affairs quarterly19801989 c.Sinn Féin The Workers' Party, The Workers' Party
Workers' Life: The Magazine for Workers19801984Sinn Féin The Workers' Party, The Workers' Party
Workers' Party Report19861987The Workers' Party

External Resources

Assorted Documents

TU Dublin Special Collections

A number of documents including press releases, policy documents and reports.

Election Literature & Leaflets

Irish Election Literature

A number of leaflets and documents from the party and individual candidates.

Election Manifesto

Irish Election Manifesto Archive

Includes Workers’ Party manifestos.


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