Comments and Personal Accounts

To reduce spam an email address is required when submitting a comment or personal account on this site. This email address will not be made public, but is stored by our website and accessible to the site administrators.

Particularly in the case of personal accounts, please ensure that you are happy for what you have submitted to be made public on our website, including the name you have provided with your message. Please feel free to use a pseudonym if you prefer not to reveal your name.

Contacting the Site and Submitting Documents

Emails and submissions sent via our contact page are only accessible to the administrators of If you are contributing a document to the archive and would prefer not to be acknowledged as the source in the commentary, please inform us of this in your email.


When you visit this website, a basic ‘session’ cookie is stored automatically, and is required when navigating the site. We also store cookies from our ‘Matomo’ installation. This software is hosted by us to allow us to identify how the site is being used and by how many visitors.

Matomo protects users’ privacy in a number of ways that many other analytics software and services do not:

  • Matomo does not store the full IP address of visitors.
  • The Matomo software is managed by the site administrators on our server. No third party has access to our visitor data, for advertising or any other purpose.
  • Matomo respects your browser’s ‘Do Not Track’ setting. Most modern browsers include a setting to notify sites that you don’t want to be tracked. If you have this setting enabled, Matomo will not log your visit.
  • Visitor logs are removed after six months. We retain statistical reports, but individual visitor logs are removed after this period.

For more information on privacy in Matomo, visit the Matomo privacy page .

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