Sinn Féin
Years Active:1970
Other Names:Provisional Sinn Féin  … Alternative Form
Documents in Archive:41
Posters and Images:1
Publications:The Starry Plough [SF], Republican News, Iris, An Phoblacht
European Affiliation:European United Left–Nordic Green Left (European Parliament Group) (2004)
Emerged/Split from:Sinn Féin [Pre 1970]
Other Related Organisations: Ógra Shinn Féin, Right2Change
Related Collections:1916 Easter Rising: Anniversaries and Commemorations
1975: Official Sinn Féin/IRSP Split and Republican Feuds
Timeline:View in the timeline of the Irish left
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Other names, groups or sections

  • Provisional Sinn Féin

    The party currently known as Sinn Féin was referred to as Provisional Sinn Féin (PSF) to distinguish it from Official Sinn Féin (OSF) after the 1969 Republican split. When OSF became the Workers Party in 1982, the PSF title was less commonly used.

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    An Phoblacht

    Republican News


    The Starry Plough [SF]


    Posters and Images

    Related Material

    Items about Sinn Féin.


    External Resources

    Election Literature & Leaflets

    Irish Election Literature

    A number of leaflets and documents from the party and individual candidates.

    Election Manifestos

    Irish Election Manifesto Archive

    Includes a number of manifestos from national, local and European elections.


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