Press Release from Sinn Féin: New Social and Economic Programme
Date:17th January 1971
Organisation: Sinn Féin
Type:Press Release
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Subjects: Éire Nua

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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

11th January 2016

Please Note: This press release accompanies the document Sinn Féin Social and Economic Programme. The commentary refers to both.

Many thanks to Seó for forwarding these papers to the Archive. Many thanks also to him for penning some thoughts on how he found them which will be posted up in a short while.

This series of documents is essentially a draft of the Éire Nua programme published by the then Provisional Sinn Féin in 1971. A press release from January 17th 1971 that serves as an introduction is similar, though not entirely identical being both longer and more detailed, to the preamble of the Éire Nua Réamhrá.

From there the individual sections are also very similar though it is interesting to note that the term Éire Nua is not given any prominence.

Some points worth noting. In the Press Release it states that:

During the past 12 months the programme has been raised, updated and prepared for publication. Sections 1-8 are published today. It is hoped to publish the remainder in the near future.

And as to the function of the document, as with Éire Nua itself, it states that:

The object of this publication is to show that SF is not only capable of looking forward to the future 32-County Republic and projecting its features in broad outline, but also that it is proposed to adopt a diversified struggle, on many fronts, in order to achieve it.

Again, as with Éire Nua, it notes that:

In the drafting of this programme our aim has been to outline a social and economic system which would strike a balance between Western capitalism with its poor and hungry amid plenty on the right and Eastern Soviet state capitalism (or any of its variations) with its denial of freedom and human rights on the left.

We hope this document will be widely reported, read and studied. Constructive criticism and comments will be welcomed because it is realised that as circumstances change, plans of this nature need to be revised and changed.

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