Socialist Workers' Party
Years Active:1971
Other Names:Socialist Workers' Movement  (19711995)
  Documents in Archive:35
  Publications:The Worker, Socialist Worker, Resistance, New Left Journal, Galway Worker
  International Affiliation:International Socialist Tendency (19712018)
  European Affiliation:European Anti-Capitalist Left (European Party) 
  Related Organisations: Socialist Workers' Tendency, Socialist Environmental Alliance, People Before Profit, United Left Alliance, Socialist Workers' Network
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The Socialist Workers’ Party was originally founded in 1971 as the Socialist Workers Movement by supporters of the International Socialists of Britain (now the SWP). It was established as the Socialist Workers’ Party in 1995.

The SWP was the largest element of the Socialist Environmental Alliance, which was active in Northern Ireland in the 2000s. It also established the People Before Profit Alliance in 2005 and constitutes the major part of that organisation.

In 2018 it was renamed the Socialist Workers’ Network, with People Before Profit, of which it remains a component, becoming the principle focus of members.

Other names, groups or sections

  • Socialist Workers' Movement

    The Socialist Workers Movement was founded in Ireland in 1971 by supporters of the UK International Socialists living in Northern Ireland who had previously been members of People’s Democracy, the Waterford Socialist Movement and the Young Socialists.

    It acted as a tendency within the Socialist Labour Party for the period of the SLP’s existence, becoming a separate organisation again after the latter’s dissolution. It later became the Socialist Workers Party.


Socialist Workers' Party

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Socialist Workers' Movement



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The Worker

Galway Worker

Socialist Worker


New Left Journal


Related Material

Items about Socialist Workers' Party.


A list of known publications from Socialist Workers' Party, including those not represented in the Irish Left Archive collection.

Galway WorkerUnknownSocialist Workers' Movement
Hospital Worker1991 c.Socialist Workers' Movement
Irish Marxist Review2012Socialist Workers' Party, Socialist Workers' Network
New Left Journal20062007 c.Socialist Workers' Party
Red Woman1981 c.Socialist Workers' Movement
Resistance: Ireland's Socialist Magazine20012005 c.Socialist Workers' Party
Socialist Worker: For a Workers’ Republic and International Socialism19842018 c.Socialist Workers' Movement, Socialist Workers' Party, Socialist Workers' Network
Socialist Worker Review1998 c.Socialist Workers' Party
Worker, The: For a Workers’ Republic and International Socialism19721977, 19801984 c.Socialist Workers' Movement

External Resources

Election Manifesto

Irish Election Manifesto Archive

Includes the 2002 general election manifesto of the SWP.

SWP & PBPA Leaflets

Irish Election Literature

A number of leaflets and documents from the Socialist Workers’ Party and People Before Profit Alliance, as well as individual candidates.

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