Socialist Labour Party
Years Active:19771982
Groups & Sections:Irish Workers Group Tendency  … Sub-group/Section/Tendency
Documents in Archive:6
Related Organisations: Movement for a Socialist Republic, Irish Workers' Group [1976], Socialist Workers' Movement, League for a Workers Republic
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The Socialist Labour Party (SLP) was formed in 1977 and led by Matt Merrigan (Dublin Secretary of the ATGWU) and Noël Browne (then an independent TD).

A number of left groups joined the party as tendencies. These included:

  • Workers Alliance for Action - formed by members of Irish Workers’ Group, who left in 1979;
  • Republican Socialist Tendency - formed by members of Movement for a Socialist Republic, who left in 1979;
  • Socialist Workers’ Tendency - formed by members of Socialist Workers’ Movement, who left in 1980.

The party ran in the 1981 general election, with Noël Browne re-elected as a TD. However, with many members having left at this stage, it was dissolved in 1982.


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