Socialist Labour Party
Years Active:19771982
Groups & Sections: Irish Workers Group Tendency  … Sub-group/Section/Tendency
Socialist Workers' Tendency  (19771980) … Sub-group/Section/Tendency
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Publications:Socialist Worker Review
Related Organisations: Movement for a Socialist Republic, Irish Workers' Group [1976], Socialist Workers' Movement, League for a Workers Republic
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The Socialist Labour Party (SLP) was formed in 1977 and led by Matt Merrigan (Dublin Secretary of the ATGWU) and Noël Browne (then an independent TD).

A number of left groups joined the party as tendencies. These included:

  • Workers Alliance for Action - formed by members of Irish Workers’ Group, who left in 1979;
  • Republican Socialist Tendency - formed by members of Movement for a Socialist Republic, who left in 1979;
  • Socialist Workers’ Tendency - formed by members of Socialist Workers’ Movement, who left in 1980.

The party ran in the 1981 general election, with Noël Browne re-elected as a TD. However, with many members having left at this stage, it was dissolved in 1982.

Other names, groups or sections

  • Socialist Workers' Tendency

    The Socialist Workers’ Tendency was the part of the Socialist Labour Party (SLP) formed by Socialist Workers’ Movement (SWM) members when they dissolved into the SLP. The group became the SWM again on leaving the SLP in 1980.


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  • Greg T

    My 1st party

    By: Greg T | 18th May 2020, 9:31am

    My 1st party, I wore the party badge to school and got called 'silly little p**' by some wit and a warning from the headmaster . Pity about the infighting which wore it down , ironically the DSA in the states has taken the same idea of a multi-tendency organisation and thrived . Isnt it about time for a new SLP for the non-Leninists among us ?

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