The Irish Workers’ Group (IWG) were a Trotskyist group formed in 1976, originating in a split from the IS/SWM. The group joined the Socialist Labour Party as the Workers Alliance for Action tendency, but left in 1979.

The IWG published the journal Class Struggle between 1977 and 1995, producing 24 issues. Membership remained small, and by the mid-1990s when Class Struggle was last produced, several members were no longer active.

IWG formed part of the League for the Fifth International (L5I) from its foundation in 1989, through which it was associated with Workers’ Power in the UK. In 2006, a split occurred in the L5I which resulted in the formation of Permanent Revolution in the UK.

Remaining Irish L5I supporters sympathised with Permanent Revolution. A small number of members were still active by this time, until the dissolution of Permanent Revolution in 2013.


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Irish Workers Group (1976) / Class Struggle

From The Irish Left Open History Project

The Irish Workers Group (IWG) was formed sometime around the end of 1975 following a series of expulsions that year from the Socialist Workers Movement (SWM). In 1977 the IWG produced Class Struggle, a theoretical journal of which twenty issues were produced over the next ten years.

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Irish Workers Group: Responses

From Irish Workers Group members

The overview of the Irish Workers’ Group from the Irish Left Open History Project (available here) received a number of corrections and comments from former members when it was originally published. These are reproduced in part here (the original and complete comments can be read on the Irish Left Review website).

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