Fightback, No. 9
Organisation: Irish Workers' Group [1976]
Publication: Fightback
Issue:Number 9
May 1995
Type:Publication Issue
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

2nd April 2024

This edition of Fightback from 1995 joins others in the Archive here. It was produced by the IWG (Galway Branch). A piece on the last pages notes that:

The LRCI has worked out a transitional programme to pave the way to revolution. We support all workers struggles, the struggles against women’s oppression, racism and homophobia. We support national struggles against imperialist domination, including critical support for the IRA. We defend the IRA against all repression and persecution by the British State and call for British troops out of Ireland. However, the national struggle cannot be won unless it is led by the working class and for the working class. We support the fight to regain workers control and re-establish the revolution in Stalinist national.


If you are pissed off with the oppression and exploitation you see around you, join in the struggle for a free and democratic society. Write to Fightback! even if it is only to express your opinion on the issues we address. Join the revolutionary tradition of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky.

Various articles are contained in the document. The front page one deals with the then recent events at Lansdowne Road where English fans including fascists rioted. There are other pieces on PLC grants. A long article looks at Mary Robinson – with the sub-heading The Queen of West Britain. Other pieces argue for Traveller Defence Squads and there are appeals to readers to build ‘a school Student Union’.

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