Opening Address of Chairman, Matt Merrigan, To the Policy Conference Held at Liberty Hall, Dublin on Saturday and Sunday, May 27th and 28th 1978
Date:27th May 1978
Organisation: Socialist Labour Party
Author:Matt Merrigan
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

17th June 2019

This document from the SLP conference in 1978 comprises the opening address by Chairman Matt Merrigan.

He opens the speech by noting:

It is my fervent hope that this weekend will mark a watershed ninth development of a national debate on the necessity to weld together the serious socialist groupings on the left of Irish politics and to use that political bridgehead to thrust for state power to establish a Socialist Workers’ Republic in the whole of Ireland.

He strikes a curious note in his closing remarks:

Let the SLP and all the tendencies in it take up that challenge on behalf of the Irish people in a determined united way.

If there are those amongst us who see these tasks being performed better by any other organised entities outside and apart from the SLP, I would respectfully ask them to formally join and work within those organisations and let the rest of us get on with some serious work.

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