Years Active:19681996
  Documents in Archive:19
  Publications:Unfree Citizen, Socialist Republic, Free Citizen, An Reabhloid
  International Affiliation:Fourth International [Reunified] (19781996)
  Successor:Socialist Democracy
  Other Related Organisations: Movement for a Socialist Republic, Left Revolutionary Group
Related Collection:The Hunger Strikes
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People’s Democracy (PD) was a political organisation that, while supporting the campaign for civil rights for Northern Ireland’s Catholic minority, stated that such rights could only be achieved through the establishment of a socialist republic for all of Ireland. It demanded more radical reforms of the government of Northern Ireland than NICRA.



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A list of known publications from People's Democracy, including those not represented in the Irish Left Archive collection.

Free Citizen19691971People's Democracy
Northern Informer1969 c.People's Democracy
Northern Star [PD]19701972 c.People's Democracy
PD Voice1969People's Democracy
Reabhloid, An: Journal of People's Democracy1984 c.1992 c.People's Democracy
Socialist Action19821987 c.People's Democracy
Socialist Republic (Poblacht Shoisialach)19751983 c.Revolutionary Marxist Group, People's Democracy
Unfree Citizen: For a 32 Co. Workers' and Small Farmers' Republic19691978People's Democracy


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