Socialist Party
Years Active:1997
Documents in Archive:5
Publications:Socialism 2000
International Affiliations:Committee for a Workers' International  (19972019)
Committee for a Workers International [Majority]  (2019)
European Affiliations:European Anti-Capitalist Left  (European Party) 
European United Left–Nordic Green Left  (European Parliament Group) (20092014)
Precursor:Militant Labour
Other Related Organisations: Labour & Trade Union Group, United Left Alliance, Solidarity, Cross-Community Labour Alternative
Timeline:View in the timeline of the Irish left
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The Socialist Party (Irish: Páirtí Sóisialach) is a socialist political party active in Ireland. It is a member of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI). […] In the late 1980s, a number of known members of the Militant tendency were expelled from Labour. Considering work in the party to no longer be viable, in 1989 the organisation took an “Open Turn” and established an independent party, adopting the name Militant Labour, also used by other sections of the Committee for a Workers’ International at the time. In 1996 the party merged fully with the Labour and Trade Union Group of Northern Ireland and changed its name to the Socialist Party.


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WikipediaSocialist Party (Ireland) 


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External Resources

Socialist Party & AAA Leaflets

Irish Election Literature

A number of leaflets and documents from the Socialist Party and Anti-Austerity Alliance, as well as individual candidates.


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