Years Active:19741997
Other Names:Labour & Trade Union Coordinating Group  (19741979)
  Documents in Archive:1
  Emerged/Split from:Northern Ireland Labour Party
  Merged with:Socialist Party
  Other Related Organisation: Militant
Timeline:View in the timeline of the Irish left
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The Labour and Trade Union Coordinating Group was founded in 1974 to campaign for a mass party of labour in Northern Ireland, with involvement from Militant. It initially organised within the Northern Ireland Labour Party (NILP), but was expelled in 1977.

It changed its name to the Labour and Trade Union Group in 1979. In 1997 it merged with Militant Labour to form the Socialist Party.


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A list of known publications from Labour & Trade Union Group, including those not represented in the Irish Left Archive collection.

Socialist Bulletin19791980 c.Labour & Trade Union Group


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