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The Northern Ireland Labour Party was founded in the wake of the British Labour Party’s decision to give the Irish Labour Party organising rights in Ireland in 1913. Following partition the NILP was founded from a number of groups. It took no position on the issue of partition until 1949 and the declaration of the Republic at which point it expressed support for the Union. Electorally it had mixed fortunes with one Westminster MP during the 1940s and as many as four MPs elected to Stormont in the late 1950s. In 1971 David Bleakley was appointed to Cabinet. WIth proroguement of the Stormont Parliament the party went into a long decline. In 1987 it merged with Paddy Devlin’s Labour Party of Northern Ireland and other small parties to form Labour ‘87.


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A list of known publications from Northern Ireland Labour Party, including those not represented in the Irish Left Archive collection.

Labour Challenge19701971 [Irregular]Northern Ireland Labour Party
Labour in Ulster1966Northern Ireland Labour Party
NILP News19721973Northern Ireland Labour Party
Ramparts19681971 c.Northern Ireland Labour Party
Socialist Monthly19701971Northern Ireland Labour Party
Socialist, The [NILP]: Monthly magazine of the Northern Ireland Labour Party Left1970 c.1971 c.Northern Ireland Labour Party
Ulster Socialist, The19751976Northern Ireland Labour Party

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Election Posters

Irish Election Literature

Includes images of election posters from the 1970 Westminster elections.


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