Years Active:2019
  Documents in Archive:1
  International Affiliation:Global Ecosocialist Network 
  Emerged/Split from:Socialist Party
  Merged with:People Before Profit
  Other Related Organisation: Solidarity - People Before Profit
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RISE is a group formed in 2019 by former members of the Socialist Party, including TD Paul Murphy. RISE stands for Radical, Internationalist, Socialist, Environmentalist.

It remained within the Solidarity-People Before Profit joint party in the Dáil. In 2021 it announced that its members had joined People Before Profit (PBP), continuing as a discrete network within PBP.

RISE publishes a quarterly eco-socialist magazine, Rupture.




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Podcast Episode

  • Episode 32: Jess Spear: RISE

    32: Jess Spear: RISE

    •   29th November 2021
    •   1 hr 13 mins

    We talk to Jess Spear, National Organiser of RISE, a network of People Before Profit, and editor of Rupture magazine, about her experience campaigning with Socialist Alternative in the US; moving to Ireland, the foundation of RISE, and decision to join PBP; and the development and aims of Rupture as a broad eco-socialist magazine and means to explore contemporary Marxist and socialist ideas and strategies.

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