Workers Revolutionary Party
Years Active:1959
Other Names:The Club  (19471959)
Socialist Labour League  (19591973)
Groups & Sections: InfoYoung Socialists [SLL]  … Youth Organisation
  Documents in Archive:3
  Publications:The Labour Review
  International Affiliations:Fourth International (19501953)
International Committee of the Fourth International (1953)
  Related Organisations: League for a Workers' Vanguard, Workers' League, International Socialist League of Ireland, Socialist Revolutionary Group of Ireland, Workers Revolutionary Party (Workers' Press)
Related Collection:The British Left on Ireland
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The Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) is a Trotskyist organisation in Britain, originally formed in 1947 and led by Gerry Healy.

The group began as The Club in 1947, growing out of a faction in the Revolutionary Communist Party led by Gerry Healy that argued for the group to work within the Labour Party. In 1959 it became the Socialist Labour League, and dominated the Labour youth wing, the Young Socialists, for a period. In 1973 the Workers Revolutionary Party was formed, by which time it was an independent organisation.

In 1985, the party expelled Healy and his supporters, and the party split, with two main factions coming to be known by their publications: the Workers Revolutionary Party (Newsline), led by Gerry Healy and Shiela Torrance; and the Workers Revolutionary Party (Workers Press), led by Cliff Slaughter.

Both groups splintered further in subsequent years, with a number of current small groups in the UK having derived from the party. The WRP name is retained by an organisation led by Shiela Torrance.

Internationally, the Club was one of the larger segments of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) when the ICFI was formed in 1953, and one of the most prominent groups to continue the International after the majority of the ICFI merged into the Reunified Fourth International.

In Ireland

Affiliates of the SLL, WRP and its later splinters have arisen at various times in Ireland, North and South, though generally have been small and short-lived.

Other names, groups or sections

  • Young Socialists [SLL]

    The Young Socialists was the youth section of the Socialist Labour League (SLL). The SLL had dominated the youth section of the Labour Party, the Young Socialists, in the early 1960s, until the latter was dissolved and recreated as the Labour Party Young Socialists in 1964, at which point the SLL formed its separate youth wing.


Workers Revolutionary Party

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Socialist Labour League

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