Socialist Party of Ireland [1971]
Years Active:19711982
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Publications:SuperSpi, Advance
Merged with:Democratic Socialist Party
Other Related Organisation: Socialists Against Nationalism
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The Socialist Party of Ireland (SPI) (Irish: Cumann Sóisialachais na Éireann) was a minor left-wing political party which existed in Ireland from 1971 to 1982. The SPI was set up by ex-members of Official Sinn Féin. It was formed on 13 December 1971 in Dublin and published its political manifesto on 19 January 1972. The SPI saw itself as a hard-line Marxist-Leninist alternative to the Communist Party of Ireland, which it criticised for its “blurred philosophy, loose structure, of discipline and unity”. The SPI opposed the friendly stance taken by the CPI towards official Sinn Féin, which it saw as a “mixture of petit-bourgeois radicals, nationalists and ultra leftists”. The SPI supported the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Moscow Declaration of 1969. The party also advocated Eurocommunism in the 1970s. […] On 1 December 1982, the Socialist Party dissolved with the majority joining Jim Kemmy’s Democratic Socialist Party and the others either joining the Workers’ Party of Ireland or B&ICO.



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