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The Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front (INLSF) was set up in 1969 as a campaign group by the Communist Workers League of Britain (Marxist–Leninist) (CWLB (ML)), which arose that year from a split in the Revolutionary Marxist–Leninist League. It published a journal called the Irish Liberation Press.

The INLSF remained the only public activity of CWLB (ML) until 1972, when it began to operate under its own name, and replaced the journal with Voice of the People.


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  • Tony Holmes


    By: Tony Holmes | 6th February 2022, 2:04am

    I was involved with the INLSF in '70/'71 and sold the paper in pubs both in my hometown, Luton and London. Used to go to Ed Davoreens flat in Golders Green on Sunday afternoons before going to the Marquis of Clanricarde pub for Sunday evening General meetings. Formed an alliance with the Black Freedom and Unity Party but didn't do enough with them for my liking. I left shortly after this as felt we were too much into Marxist Leninist theory and factional splits whereas I wanted to be more active in the struggle

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