Irish Liberation Press
Years Published:19701972
Published By: Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front
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Irish Liberation Press was published by the Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front (INLSF) between 1970 and 1972. It ceased publication when the Communist Workers League of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), who had set up and worked within the INLSF, switched their focus to working under their own name and began publishing Voice of the People.


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  • Noel Hurley

    Irish liberation press

    By: Noel Hurley | 19th December 2016, 7:42am

    With the benefit of hindsight,getting separated from colleagues while selling this "Green Top"pub to pub on a British street is not to be recommended. I however was rather fortunate when surrounded by a gang of skinheads on the Archway"island" North london . The police ,six of them,who were stalking the bootboys agreed not to charge me with assault or GBH if I didn't defend myself too vigourously.No blood.

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    • Brian Rose

      Re: Irish liberation press

      By: Brian Rose | 5th April 2018, 2:57pm

      Hello Noel, as you might remember I was responsible for organising the sales of ILP so sorry you had that unpleasant experience - I don't remember you saying anything about that but it was a long time ago so I might just have forgotten. It's a shame that arrogant idiot Davoren destroyed the INLSF. If you want to get in touch my email is

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  • Donal

    Infiltration of INSLF by Special Branch

    By: Donal | 4th August 2019, 6:57pm

    Article on the Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front and how it was targeted by Special Branch 

    and more on one of the undercovers, this confirmed by the Undercover Policing Inquiry: http://powerbase.inf  o/index.php/Alex_Sloan

    Corrections welcome

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