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The Cork Workers Club emerged from the Cork Communist Organisation, which had itself appeared as a split from the British & Irish Communist Organisation. It acted as a political group and then as a publishing house of classic texts of Irish socialist republicanism.




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  • Susan Campbell

    Three pamphlets from 1970s

    By: Susan Campbell | 9th June 2014, 9:07pm

    I have The Connolly Walker Controversy On Socialist Unity in Ireland (historical reprint 9) J.M. MacDonnell, The Story of Irish Labour (historical reprint 10) James Connolly, Ireland Upon the Disecting Table (historical reprint 11).

    If you would like to have them, please contact me.

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  • John Lamp

    More 1970s pamphlets

    By: John Lamp | 14th March 2015, 10:29pm


    All the way in the antipodes, I have:

    6 Workshop talks - 2 copies, one with green cover, one with yellow cover
    9 The Connolly-Walker Controversy on Socialist Unity in Ireland
    11 Ireland Upon the Dissecting Table - "A New Enlarged Edition" 77pp
    15 The Connolly DeLeon Controversy on Wages Marriage and the Church
    19 Sinn Fein & Socialism

    I should be able to scan to pdf if you like.

    Cheers John

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