The United Irishman, Vol. 25, No. 1
Organisation: Sinn Féin [Official]
Publication: The United Irishman
Issue:Volume 25, Number 1
Eanair (January) 1971
Type:Publication Issue
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

22nd February 2024

Many thanks to Fergus White for forwarding this to the Archive.

This edition of United Irishman from Official Sinn Féin joins a number of editions in the Archive already. Note the emphasis on the Common Market. The editorial argues that:

1971 brings closer the greatest threat to Irish nationhood in modern history-absorption into the Common Market on the tail of Britain. The struggle against the sell-out of the Irish people’s sovereignty, land and industry, to the conglom­oration of monopolies that is the Common Market will become sharper in 1971 as more and more Irish people realise just what is in­volved in entry to such a grouping. The pathetic weakness of Dr. Hillery’s recently begun ‘ offensive ‘ against the anti-Market forces should not make us sit back and relax. Continuous and loud opposi­tion to the Common Market is necessary in order to rouse the Irish people to a defence of their right to control their own destiny and ownership of the wealth of this country.

And it concludes:

The Common Market is a manifestation of monopoly capitalism. Monopoly capitalism is interested in one thing only-bigger profits. It is an obsolete social system, anti-human, non-cultural. Absorption into the Common Market would destroy the Irish nation. We, who value our people, our traditions and language, who want ownership of the wealth of this land firmly in the bands of the Irish working people, must ensure that entry into the Common Market be fought with all the resources available to the conscious Irish people in this year of 1971.

The rest of the edition has many different articles. There’s a piece on the Sean South commemoration and Cathal Goulding is quoted as saying:

“It has taken the Republican Movemont a long time to catch up with the ideas of Sean South but, I think I can say now that we have seen the light and that we are doing everything we can to persuade our countrymen that what is happening is not good for the Irish people, that concentration on any one aspect of the struggle for independence to the detriment of the other aspects can only bring disappointment, that we must move along on one broad front of opposition to all the aspects of Imperialism we can see…

There’s a long piece on Ireland’s Mines and Minerals, another on Irish political prisoners in English jails, a further on ‘The Changing Tactics of Imperialism’. There is also a calendar of events around the ‘Reconquest 1970’ which details ‘campaign for the public ownership of Irish fisheries’. There’s also a striking page on IRA prisoners executed by the Éire government during the 1930s and 1940s.

An interesting note – there’s a piece on how Basques Fight Oppression in Spain.

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