The Ripening of Time, No. 11
Date:December 1978
Organisation: Ripening of Time Collective
Publication: The Ripening of Time
Issue:Number 11
Type:Publication Issue
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

12th August 2019

Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

Apologies, but the first few pages and the last article are missing from this scan. If anyone has the full document and can scan them the Archive would be very grateful.

This joins other copies of the Ripening of Time in the Left Archive. As noted previously ‘The Ripening of Time was published by The Ripening of Time Collective. It had fourteen issues between 1976 and 1982.’

As noted above, the Introduction is truncated, but what there is of it is fascinating, arguing that there is a division between the working class and the Labour Movement which it sees as a ‘reflection of the primary contradiction inside Marxism between theory and practice. Or strategy and tactics’. It asserts that ‘the theory and strategy of revolutionary Marxism can be nothing else but revolution’. And it suggests that there are two directions open to those seeking working class power, one of ‘entrist, conservative, cautious approach of gradualism’ or ‘a more adventurous and unrestricted approach, forever negating the cowardice of the petit-bourgeoisie for theory and ‘unplanned’ situation’. And it says ‘we have chosen the second path’.

The document contains one major essay entitled ’Changing patterns of domination since World War II’, engaging with ‘the integration of Ireland into the imperialist chain’ as well as a number of shorter ones.

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