Gralton, No. 10
Publication: Gralton
Issue:Number 10
Oct/Nov 1983
Contributors: Info
John Cane, Des Derwin, Luke Gibbons, John Goodwillie, Mary Gordon, Gene Kerrigan, Peadar Kirby, Martin McLoone, Mike Milotte, Brian Trench
Type:Publication Issue
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Subjects: Eighth Amendment (Right to life) Referendum, 1983 Proinsias De Rossa Communist Party of Ireland

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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

17th September 2018

Many thanks to Jim Lane who forwarded this to the Archive.

Concluding our run of Graltons (other than number 6 which isn’t in the Archive and which we’d be very grateful for).

This has a photograph of Proinsias De Rossa on the cover and an interview with him inside. There’s a piece by Mike Milotte on the CPI during the war years. There’s also a history of communist organisations in Ireland.

There’s an overview of the Abortion Amendment Campaign and referendum. Also John Goodwillie looks at the issue of nuclear disarmament.

Sadly this would be the last edition of the publication, although it states in passing that some of the articles will be completed in the next issue.

As always a very well produced and readable publication.

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