Alliance for Workers' Liberty
Years Active:1966
Other Names:Workers' Fight  (19661975)
Socialist Organiser Alliance  (19791990)
  Documents in Archive:3
  Publications:Workers' Liberty, Workers' Fight
  Related Organisations: International Socialists [UK], Labour Party [Britain]
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The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty (AWL) is Trotskyist group within the British Labour Party.

The organisation originates in the Workers’ Fight group, which was formed by Sean Matgamna and supporters in 1966 in a split from the Revolutionary Socialist League. It formed the Trotskyist Tendency within the International Socialists (IS) 1968, but was an independent group again by 1971.

By the mid 1970s the group worked increasingly within the Labour Party. In Labour, it formed the Socialist Organiser Alliance, with an eponymous paper, which initially had broader left support, but was identified solely with Matgamna and supporters by the early 1980s.

The Labour party proscribed Socialist Organiser in 1990. In 1992, supporters of the Socialist Organiser Alliance formed the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.

Other names, groups or sections

  • Socialist Organiser Alliance

    The Socialist Organiser Alliance was a group within the British Labour Party around the Socialist Organiser publication, which came to be dominated by supporters of Seán Matgamna’s Workers’ Socialist League (WSL - previously the International-Communist League). Socialist Organiser was banned by the Labour Party in 1990, and the groups supporters later formed the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.


Alliance for Workers' Liberty

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Workers' Fight


Socialist Organiser Alliance



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