Socialist Party of Great Britain
Years Active:1904
  Documents in Archive:2
  International Affiliation:World Socialist Movement (1904)
  Related Organisations: World Socialist Party, Socialist Party of Ireland [1949]
Related Collection:The British Left on Ireland
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Socialist Standard Archive

Socialist Standard archive

Full archive of Socialist Standard, which has been published by the SPGB since 1904.

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  • vincent maratty

    SPGB is not Left

    By: vincent maratty | 17th September 2022, 1:10pm

    The SPGB opposes the Left. As its Declaration of Principles declare war on all parties including working class Parties.

    1. The Socialist Party of Great Britain, therefore, enters the field of political action determined to wage war against all other political parties, whether alleged labour or avowedly capitalist.....

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