Years Active:19681982
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  International Affiliation:Fourth International [Reunified] 
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The International Marxist Group (IMG) was a Trotskyist group in Britain, the national section of the Fourth International. It was formed in 1968.

The group emerged from the International Group, which had split from the Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL) in 1961 in support of the International Secretariat of the Fourth International (ISFI) over the RSL leadership, which was the ISFI local section. The IMG later superceded the RSL as the national section of the then reunited Fourth International.

The organisation published International throughout its existence. It launched The Black Dwarf publication in 1968, edited by Tariq Ali, which was superceded by Red Mole in 1970.

The IMG dissolved and entered the Labour Party in 1982 as the Socialist League.


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External Resources

IMG Publications

The Red Mole Project

Contains digital copies of International Marxist Group and Fourth International publications, including Red Mole,The Black Dwarf and others.


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