Green Party
Irish Name:Comhaontas Glas
Years Active:1981
Other Names:Ecology Party  (19811983)
Green Alliance  (19831987)
Groups & Sections: Green Party in Northern Ireland  (1983) … Sub-group/Section/Tendency
Young Greens  (2002) … Youth Organisation
Documents in Archive:3
Publications:An Caorthann
International Affiliation:Global Greens (2001)
European Affiliations:European Green Party (European Party) 
Greens–European Free Alliance (European Parliament Group) 
Timeline:View in the timeline of the Irish left
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The Green Party was founded in 1981, initially as the Ecology Party. It became the Green Alliance, or Comhaontas Glas in Irish, in 1983, then the Green Party in 1987 (retaining the same Irish form). The party eschewed having an official leader until 2001, when Trevor Sargent was elected leader.

It has had elected representatives at local, Dáil and European levels, and in 2007 its then six TDs formed part of the coalition government with Fianna Fáil. When the government collapsed in 2011 all sitting Green TDs lost their seats in the subsequent election.

Other names, groups or sections

  • Green Party in Northern Ireland

    Green Party in Northern Ireland

    The Green Party in Northern Ireland was established as the Northern Ireland Ecology Party in 1983. Previously independent, it became a region of the Irish Green Party in 2006.

  • Young Greens

    Young Greens (Óige Ghlas)

    The Young Greens is the youth wing of the Green Party in Ireland, North and South. It was founded in 2002.

  • Identifiers

    Green Party
    WikipediaGreen Party (Ireland) 
    Green Party in Northern Ireland 
    WikipediaGreen Party in Northern Ireland 
    Young Greens 
    WikipediaYoung Greens (Ireland) 


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    External Resources

    An Caorthann Archive

    An Caorthann - Irish Green Magazine Archive

    Digital archive of An Caorthann (Rowan Tree), published in the 1990s.

    Election Literature & Leaflets

    Irish Election Literature

    A number of leaflets and documents from the party and individual candidates.

    Election Manifestos

    Irish Election Manifesto Archive

    Election manifestos from national, local and European elections.

    Programmes for Government

    Irish Election Manifesto Archive

    The programmes for government from the Green Party’s period in coalition from 2007-2011.


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