Landlord's Family Moving In Should Not Make A Family Homeless
Date:2015 c.
Organisation: Anti-Austerity Alliance
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Subjects: Housing and Homelessness

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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

20th May 2024

This poster dates from the 2010s and the housing campaigns in favour of tenants and against the housing crisis and homelessness in Ireland supported by the Anti-Austerity Alliance. Following the red, yellow and black colour scheme of the Alliance the posters are simple but effective with clear messaging. Note the lack of the party/group logo.

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  • By: Aonrud ⚘ Mon, 20 May 2024 06:40:06

    You can just about play palimpsest with the second one and make out the public meeting with Mick Barry TD and Tony ?, with the Socialist party logo in the bottom right corner. Heading looks like Support the Workers!

    Reply on the CLR