People's Voice, No. 6
Organisation: Saor Éire [Cork]
Publication: People's Voice
Issue:Number 6
Type:Publication Issue
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

3rd April 2023

Many thanks to Jim Lane for forwarded this, the sixth edition of People’s Voice from Saor Éire (Cork) which was published in November 1968. This joins issues One through Five . As Jim noted previously “Saor Éire (Cork) was a public form of organisation launched by the Irish Revolutionary Forces” whose documents are also very well represented in the Archive and can be found here. Publications like People’s Voice were intended to publicise the approaches of Saor Éire more widely

This edition has a wide range of articles including ‘Free State Sell Out to Foreign Capitalism’, ‘Soiscéal De Réir, Charles Sheáin Bhúi’, ‘Lest We Forget’ (which lists attacks on nationalists in the North), ‘Class Lines in the Classroom’, ‘A Lackey Union, the P.O.W.U.’ and a repirtin of Joe Hill’s ‘Workers of the World, Awaken!’.

The main article argues that:

“The antithesis of the Irish bourgeois fear of socialism, which they are pleased to style foreign, is their love for foreign capitalism in the guise of imperialism. And why not? It is no skin off their ass that imperialism exploits both the Irish People and the Nation’s resources. To begin with they get their rake-off; and they are also sufficiently pragmatic to realise that their security as a ruling class is inextricably entwined in this day and age with the fortunes of the multi-national web of imperialism.

Under the heading ‘People’s Voice’ there is a piece noting that Saor Éire has:

engaged in a thorough assessment of … activities with respects to the publication of People’s Voice and other organisational matters. As a consequence it has been decided to rationalise future labours in the light of experience gained over the past year. One of the decisions emerging from this self-criticism pertains to People’s Voice. it has been decided to limit its publication to once every eight weeks for the time being. This was adopted to facilitate the delveopment of other activities, which, it is hoped, will more readily contribute towards the emergence of a truly dynamic Marxist-Leninist party in Ireland.

The document also has a short piece asking ‘A Workers’ Library – When?’ describing a visit to the Cork City Public Library and the dearth of Marxist and Socialist works available for loan.

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