Sinn Féin Debates Changes: An Irish Mass Revolutionary Party?
Publication: Intercontinental Press
Issue:5th February, 1973
Author:Gerry Foley
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Subjects: Sinn Féin [Official]

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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

2nd September 2019

This short piece from Intercontinental Press joins other documents by Gerry Foley on the Republican movement(s) of the 1970s in the Archive. In this instance he examines the December 16/17the Ard Fheis in Dublin and the discussions around ‘building a revolutionary party’. It notes that this objective was stated by national organiser Seán Garland that Summer at Bodenstown.

He paints a picture of an organisation trying to move from a loose structure to a more centralised form. Foley remains pessimistic that the pace of change could be forced, but he was optimistic that it would be achieved in the end.

While revolutionists everywhere support all movements fighting against British imperialism, they cannot help but feel a special concern about this most serious attempt in Irish history to set up a mass revolutionary party. This is especially so since the chances for an effective and united struggle against imperialism hinge to a large degree on the successor this effort.

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