Socialist Republic, No. 5
Organisation: Movement for a Socialist Republic
Publication: Socialist Republic
Issue:Number 5
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Eve Adam, James Conway, James Gallagher, John Magee, Ian McLean
Type:Publication Issue
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Subjects: Marie and Noel Murray Case Irish Congress of Trade Unions Betty Purcell Kieran Nugent

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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

12th November 2018

Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This edition of Socialist Republic joins others in the Archive. It has a range of interesting pieces – not least one on’Armed Struggle: The Way Forward?’. This argues that the Irish National Liberation Army actions‚’[are] obviously mid-way between the a latest pacifism of the Officials and the militarism of the Provos, whose definition of a ‘military target’ encompasses a great deal more than the British Army.’

By striking this balance the INLA apparently believes it has found the Marxist mean between social reformism and traditional Republicanism.

And it argues that both the INLA and the Officials despite ‘vast differences in their tactics‚’ are ‘both strategically linked to the republican tradition by their concept of the Irish People’ which it suggests are regarded as ‘an inert mass which can be activated only applying action from without.’

It contrasts this with its own view that the ‘working class constitutes the original dynamic and creative forces which makes revolutionary action possible’. And it continues by arguing that armed action ‘requires not just the passive approval of the masses but their active support.’

Other pieces critique the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, state support for Noel and Marie Murray in light of their death sentence, examine China after Mao and look at the issue of Education. All told a varied and wide-ranging contents.

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