•   Mon, 18 Oct 2021
  •  1 hr 01 min
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In this episode we talk to Adrienne Wallace. Adrienne is an activist and local councillor for People Before Profit (PBP). She has been active with PBP since the early 2010s and is the party organiser for the South East. She was elected to Carlow County Council in 2019. She also stood as a Dáil candidate in the 2015 Carlow/Kilkenny by-election and subsequent general elections, and in the South constituency for the 2019 European Parliament election.

We discuss how Adrienne came to political activism and joined People Before Profit; the campaign to repeal the eighth amendment and water charges campaign; her experience as a local councillor; and her views on activism and electoralism, and maintaining a radical anti-capitalist perspective.

The Irish Left Archive Podcast looks at Left politics in Ireland, talking to activists, writers, historians, politicians and others involved in Left organisations and movements about their experiences of participating in Left parties and campaigns. The podcast is hosted by Ciarán Swan and Aonghus Storey.

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