Anti-Fascist Action
Years Active:1991
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Publications:No Quarter
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Anti-Fascist Action Ireland was founded in 1991. As it says on its Facebook page:

AFA is dedicated to confronting fascism, both physically and politi­cally, in whatever guise it might take” and “As expected, the group’s work is diverse. Small-scale activities involve the removing of racist graffiti and stickers, leafleting an area where there has been a case of fascist activity and organising ben­efit gigs. More substantial projects include getting involved in football related anti-racist initiatives, writing and producing a magazine called No Quarter and mobilising large numbers to physically confront neo-Nazis when the time calls.




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External Resources

Leaflets & Publications

Irish Election Literature

Includes leaflets and a useful book providing a history of fascism and the AFA in Ireland.


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