Years Active:1992
Other Names:Syndicalist Solidarity Network  (19992001)
Organise! Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation  (20012003)
Organise! (Solidarity Federation)  (20032015)
Documents in Archive:3
Publications:Working Class Resistance, The Leveller
International Affiliation:International Workers' Association (2003)
Precursor:Ballymena Anarchist Group
Timeline:View in the timeline of the Irish left
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Organise! is an anarchist group based in Belfast. It took its current form in 2003 as a merger between the Anarchist Federation in Ireland, the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation and other small groups and individuals.

The Organise! bulletin had been published by the Ballymena and Antrim Anarchist Group since 1986 and in 1992, they created the Organise! group. When this was dissolved in 1999, the Syndicalist Solidarity Network was formed, which later became Organise! Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation.

It has previously been affiliated with the International Workers’ Association. It formed a local of the Solidarity Federation (SolFed) in the 2000s, but subsequently became an independent group again.

Organise! currently issues Black Star and The Leveller.



Organise! (Solidarity Federation)

Website (SolFed) 


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Working Class Resistance

The Leveller


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