Hands Off Ireland!, No. 3
Organisation: Revolutionary Communist Group
Publication: Hands Off Ireland!
Issue:Number 3
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

28th January 2024

Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive. As noted before:

…the Revolutionary Communist Group, which emerged from the International Socialists as part of an internal, albeit undeclared platform. Leading figures associated with the RCG include David Yaffe. As noted on wikipedia  their line of eschewing support for the Labour Party was a substantive break with many other further left formations. The RCG itself suffered further splits, including perhaps most famously those who departed to form what ultimately would be the Revolutionary Communist Party  (a document from whose precursor, the Revolutionary Communist Tendency, is available here in the Archive).

This edition continues in that vein with a range of articles on Ireland including Torture, the RUC and the British State, Irish Prisoners in English Jails and Building an Anti-Imperialist Movement. The content of this edition is almost entirely focused on Ireland or the work the RCG was doing with respect to Ireland.

The Introduction argues that:

Those who read this bulletin and support its work have a duty to engage in this struggle. We need the active support of our readers, to subscribe to and sell the bulletin and to write for it. We also need money to finance it and the work that goes on with it. British workers who want to see an end to the reign of British terror in Ireland must engage in the fight for the immediate withdrawal of British troops and the right of the Irish people to self-determination. Such a fight requires a political battle in which this bulletin is a central weapon. And those who read this bulletin and support its aims have a duty to play an active part in this role.

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