Wood Quay News, No. 3
Date:June 1979
Publication: Wood Quay Occupation News
Issue:Number 3
Collection:Wood Quay Protests
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

8th July 2019

Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive. As noted previously the Wood Quay protests of 1978 and 1979 were not explicitly left-wing, however in the materials used to promote the protests and occupation there was an appeal to trade unionists and others. Individuals later prominent in the Labour Party and other groups were involved.

This edition of Wood Quay News is arguably slightly better produced than previous ones. Dating from June 1979 it includes photographs and a banner.

It outlines the occupation and the injunctions taken out against nine of those on the site. Broadly speaking it is optimistic about the future noting the visit of the newly elected Lord Mayor of Dublin, William Cumiskey, to the site. There is even a ‘Plan for Wood Quay’ that details an education centre, housing, restaurant and so on.

The front page article details the occupation and argues that ‘it was a protest for the rights of democracy against the inertia of bureaucracy, for the wishes of the citizens of Dublin against the wishes of the Corporation. These wishes were clearly shown by the voters during the protest… a new Council, pro-Wood Quay has been elected.’

And it argues that ‘this twenty-day protest both in its personalities, execution and success was unprecedented. Although the Supreme Court has found against the protestors, Wood Quay will be saved’.

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