Rebel, No. 47
Organisation: Revolutionary Struggle
Publication: Rebel
Issue:Number 47
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

3rd July 2017

Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This document joins other Revolutionary Struggle publications in the Archive.

This edition leads with a focus on NATO though the main story references a ‘march of 500 in Dublin ‘ins up port of the 20 militants who have been arrested and charged, rolling the massive Anti-H-Block demonstration last July’.

Inside the contents varies from a piece on the Irish economy, another on ‘working class struggles’ which looks at disputes in Ault and Wiborg, Polaroid, Dupont and Dunlop. Another article focuses on campaigns against toxic and radiation industries. The centre spread is taken up with an interview with ‘three comrades from Autonomia Operatia (Workers Autonomy)’. Interestingly there is a strong critique of the Red Brigades.

Another piece discuses the militarisation of Special Branch. THere’s a piece on Lesotho and another with an excerpt from a book on poverty in the USA during the 1930s from African-American radical Richard Wright.

A page examines PASOK in Greece who had just won an election there and the editorial discusses repression. In particular it argues that Garda were ‘visiting ‘suspects’ families and undermining relationships, visiting workplaces and spreading rumours’.

The target of this offensive are NOT leading Republicans. Are NOT leading Trade Unionists. Is NOT The Labour Party or the Sticks. It is NOT Noel Browne, Kemmy, BICO and Co. No!! THe targets are young militants, activists of the rank-and-file level, communists, socialists, anarchists and republicans… the REAL opposition.

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