Bray Comment, No. 1
Organisation: Sinn Féin [Official]
Issue:Number 1
May 1975
Type:Publication Issue
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

26th May 2014

This short one page document from Official Sinn Féin in Bray covers both local issues – Playgroups and Nurseries – and the broader issue of unemployment. It notes the number of unemployed in Bray and the 26 counties.

It notes that Sinn Féin stands for…

A socialist society in Ireland, a society that puts the needs of the people before the profits of the rich. We have a consistent record of struggle for such a society in the trade unions, tenants association and small farmers defence association. We are fighting for your interests and need your support.

It concludes with an exhortation to ‘Join Sinn Féin – 30 Gardiner Place’.

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  • By: Joe Mon, 26 May 2014 13:37:24

    I can’t access the doc from where I am. OSF Bray May 1975 – is that pre or post the departure of Seamus Costello? He was the energy in Wicklow until the split but OSF there survived his departure and John McManus became the OSF lead rep there. So is this a Costello or a McManus production?

    Reply on the CLR