•   Mon, 04 Apr 2022
  •  23 mins
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This episode is a quick round up of the current podcast series and future plans for the Irish Left Archive. Thanks to all of our guests so far, and to everyone who has listened, contributed material to our document collection, and got in touch with information and feedback.

We appreciate all the contributions we receive - the accuracy of the information on our site about organisations, publications and the timeline of the Left is greatly improved by the knowledge and experience of people who have got in touch or been directly involved. Sometimes our knowledge of a group or document is limited, so if you can expand on the information we have, or have spotted an error, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

As ever, if you yourself or someone you know has been involved in Left activism or organising in Ireland and can contribute documents to our collection or would be willing to talk to us as a guest on the podcast, please do send your suggestions.

You can get in touch with us via the contact form, send us an email to contact@leftarchive.ie, or find us on Twitter (or Mastodon, if you’ve been converted to the open and decentralised web!).

The Irish Left Archive Podcast looks at Left politics in Ireland, talking to activists, writers, historians, politicians and others involved in Left organisations and movements about their experiences of participating in Left parties and campaigns. The podcast is hosted by Ciarán Swan and Aonghus Storey.

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