•   19th January 2023
  •   52 mins

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In this episode we talk to academic and author Michael Flavin about his novel, One Small Step . Published by Vulpine Press, the novel tells the story of a young boy from a Northern Irish catholic background growing up in Birmingham in the 1970s and the impact of the 1974 Birmingham bombings. We discuss Michael’s own background, coming from an Irish family in Birmingham, which he drew on for the novel, and his research into the Troubles, which also led to publishing the academic article, “Four Typologies of Leadership Applied to a Survey of the Provisional IRA and Sinn Féin in the Troubles ”.

Michael Flavin is a Senior Lecturer in Global Education at Kings College London. As well as his novel, his academic publications include two books on technology enhanced learning and two on nineteenth-century literature, as well as several articles, with a focus on Disruptive Innovation theory and the study of leadership.

One Small Step is available from Vulpine Press .

The article from Terrorism and Political Violence discussed in the episode is an open access publication and available to read here: “Four Typologies of Leadership Applied to a Survey of the Provisional IRA and Sinn Féin in the Troubles” 

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