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Monny #5787

I was a member of SWM in the early 80s.I was in TCD at the time,and met members of the group on a Students Union sit in,think it was about the Medical Card.

I started to attend SWM meetings in the White Horse Pub on the quays. At that time just after the Hunger Strikes, the North was a big political issue.The SWM had been involved in the H Block campaign and supported the demands of the prisoners.

We were always supportive of workers struggles in the workplace. And visited many picket lines. One I can recall was when cleaners in UCD were let go by the College as they had ended their contract,and brought in another company. Most of these women were part time workers on low wages - they were bussed in from Ballymun, Finglas and Coolock to UCD every morning. We joined them early mornings on the picket line and also had a fundraiser for them in a pub.

We were also involved with the Dunnes Stores strikers in Henry St and their campaign to boycott South African goods.

The Anti Amendment Campaign was another one we worked on.

Along with lots of other groups we opposed Ronald Reagans visit and were involved in organising the huge march in Dublin to protest against his visit. A group of us travelled up to Armagh on International Womens Day, mid 80s, to support women Republican prisoners in the jail there. We were involved in the Free Nicky Kelly Campaign,and also The Anti Supergrass Campaign.

I was in my early 20s when I first became involved, in my mid 60s now. When I look at Reeling in The Years, I can safely say I was at most of those left wing protest marches late 70s, 80s. It was an interesting and vibrant time in Irish Politics!