Years Active:19441949
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  International Affiliation:Fourth International 
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The Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) was a small Trotskyist organisation active in Belfast and Dublin in the 1940s. It was affiliated with the Fourth International.

The group arose first in Belfast in 1939 from the activities of Bob and Elsie Armstrong, supporters of the UK Workers’ International League (WIL) (which later joined the Fourth International section, the Revolutionary Communist Party). In 1944 the Belfast group came together with Dublin supporters (including Matt Merrigan) to form the Revolutionary Socialist Party.

Activists distributed Socialist Appeal, the paper of WIL and then RCP in Britain, and appear to have worked within both the Northern Ireland Labour Party and Irish Labour Party. At least one issue of a periodical called Workers Republic (“Organ of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (Irish Section) Fourth International”) was produced in 1947.

Always small, it was defunct by 1949.


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A list of known publications from Revolutionary Socialist Party, including those not represented in the Irish Left Archive collection.

Workers' Republic [RSP]: Organ of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (Irish Section) Fourth International1947 c.Revolutionary Socialist Party


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