Committee for a Workers' International [Refounded]
Years Active:2019
Organisation Type:International
Irish Affiliates:CWI Ireland 20192020
Militant Left 2020
Other Affiliates: InfoSocialist Party [England & Wales] (Britain) 2019
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The Committee for a Workers International [Refounded] (CWI) is a Trotskyist international formed in 2019. Its Irish affiliate is Militant Left.

The refounded Committee for a Workers International (CWI) was formed by the International Secretariat (then general secretary Peter Taaffe and his supporters) in a 2019 split in the existing CWI organisation. The refounded CWI was supported by the Socialist Party (England and Wales) and nine international affiliates. Other CWI affiliates rejected the ‘refounding’ of the international, with most forming a separate Committee for a Workers International, later becoming International Socialist Alternative.

WikipediaCommittee for a Workers' International (2019) 


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