Anti-Extradition News, Iml. 2, Uimh. 2
Organisation: Dublin Anti-Extradition Committee
Publication: Anti-Extradition News
Issue:Volume 2, Number 2
Márta / Aibreán 1992
Type:Publication Issue
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

1st July 2024

This is a significant addition to the Archive, and many thanks to the person who forwarded this document.

The newsletter of the Dublin Anti-Extradition Committee this four page document is focused on the issue of extradition from the Republic of Ireland at that point in time.

The front page article looks at the case of Angelo Fusco. The publication outlines his history – that he was ‘sought for offences arising from an SAS attack on house in West Belfast on 2nd May, 1980’ during which a British soldier was killed. One of those in the house – Joe Doherty was later extradited from the United States – despite ‘US courts [ruling] that this costed ‘the classical political offence’ in rejecting British extradition warrants’.

The article argues:

Angelo Fusco would not have been charged with any political offences were it not for the exceptional political situation which exists in the North. His offences are political offences.

It argues too that:

The Irish government by doing away with the traditional political offence exemption and accepting warrants for Angelo Fusco, is saying hat he and his comrades should have allowed themselves to be killed on the spot by the SAS. It is saying that, even though he has already spent ten years in prison, he should now be returned to the North for years more incarceration.

It offers a list of ‘How You Can Help’ including ‘write/phone your local TDs about the case’.

Other pieces include an overview of Justice Awareness, a project set up by those who had been involved in the campaigns around the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four amongst other cases. There’s a piece that notes Anti-Extradition Committee video series as a means of countering Section 31. There’s another long article on a visit to Dublin by ‘members of several Belfast justice campaigns’ including the Beechmount Five, Voice of the Innocent and Casement Accused.

An article looks the Northern Ireland Human Rights Assembly held in London and the information that prisoner ‘Joe Doherty named as [New York St. Patrick’s Day’] Parade Grand Marshal.

Any further general information on the Committee, its foundation, establishment and activities would be very welcome in order to build a complete picture in the Archive.


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