The Campaigner, Vol. 1, No. 2
Organisation: Connolly Centre for the Unemployed
Publication: The Campaigner
Issue:Volume 1, Number 2
Sept/Oct 1992
Type:Publication Issue
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

11th December 2023

This is an important addition to the Archive, and many thanks to the person who forwarded this document. Produced by the Connolly Centre for the Unemployed, one of a number of centres like the Larkin Centre on the northside – run as a non-profit making organisation offering services in the community and particularly to the unemployed, the publication has a photograph of the centre. It asks a number of questions about whether those reading needs curriculum vitae’s or learn interview techniques, noting that the Centre can help.

The leaflet dates from late 1992, with a striking red and black masthead depicting James Connolly. It thanks ‘Tallaght Centre for the Unemployed for the use of their DTP facilities’. A short four pages, the headline notes ‘Another Winter of Discontent!’ And the subhead continues ‘As McCreevy continues to axe Social Welfare Benefits.

Never before, in the history of the state, has there been a Minister of Social Welfare who, despite the current high levels of poverty and unemployment, is so hell-bent on reducing an already inadequate welfare system to shambles.

It also notes that McCreevy commissioned an Advertising company to ‘create an image of the Department of Social Welfare as being, in his own words, a ‘progressive and caring’ agency.

There’s also a piece on the first report of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on work which receives strong criticism from the publication. It notes that the report ‘is not coming up with any ideas to reduce unemployment, instead it appears that they are merely generating a collection of ineffective reports based on unworkable aspirations which in effect gives the impression of tokenism’.

Another piece notes that a ‘new method of measuring Irish Unemployment’ has reduced the numbers by 7,500. As the headline asks, ‘7,500 Disappear – Have you Seen them?’ There are staff profiles, a piece on FÁS noting the employment subsidy scheme is ‘prone to exploitation’ and mention of a Connolly Research Project. There’s also an interview with the chair of Oliver Bond Flats Tenants Association.


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