The Socialist, No. 137
Organisation: Socialist Party [England & Wales]
Publication: The Socialist [SPEW]
Issue:Number 137
26 November 1999
Type:Publication Issue
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

10th April 2023

This document is from the Socialist Party in the UK dating from 1999. The primary interest of this publication is in relation to it being from the sister party of the Socialist Party in Ireland during that time. As such it is useful to provide a point of contrast.

The contents is wide-ranging – the front page article is headlined ‘Pay No Fees’ and argues for readers to ‘Build the mass nonpayment campaign’, ‘Abolish fees’ and ‘Restore the grant’.

There are other pieces on the World Trade Organisation summit in Seattle that year, an article on how the Australian Militant Socialist Organisation ‘is leading a campaign’ against the heroin epidemic in that state and a piece on the Shadow World Government, which examines the role of the Bilderberg Group.

Interestingly there is a mention of Ireland with a piece on how:

THE SOCIETIES Guild at the University College of Cork, (UCC) Ireland, hasbanned the Socialist Party together with the Socialist Society, Socialist Workers Party and Sinn Fein… after they took the legitimate action to stop fascist historian David Irving speaking at the Philosophy Society.

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  • By: banjoagbeanjoe Mon, 10 Apr 2023 16:39:36

    Where is everything at in that corner of the Trot world now? Last I remember, most of the SPs around the world (including Ireland’s) had split with the English mothership and formed their own International.
    How’s that International now? And do the English SP still control the CWI? Or where’s it all at?

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: WorldbyStorm Mon, 10 Apr 2023 16:42:58

    In reply to banjoagbeanjoe.

    That’s a great question. I’m curious too. What’s the current state of play?

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: banjoagbeanjoe Tue, 11 Apr 2023 17:46:41

    In reply to WorldbyStorm.

    Wiki has this

    Lots of little splits from ISA since it was founded, it appears. And then the Irish SP fractured too of course. A friend joked that Paul Murphy had enough of the dead hand of democratic centralism within the SP… so he joined the SWP :).

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