Ainriail, No. 8
Organisation: Frontline Collective
Publication: Ainriail [Galway]
Issue:Number 8
Feb/March '97
Type:Publication Issue
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

14th November 2022

This edition of Ainrial joins another in the Archive. As noted in comments beneath the other edition this was a product of the…

The Frontline Collective: Galway-based group formed in early 1995 by ex-supporters of the British Class War Federation. They produce a bulletin, Ainriail, and wish to create loose local anarchist groups – which are open to all sorts of anti-authoritarian ideas. They hope that the most committed people in these groups will move on to develop their politics and form national organisations. [This group no longer exists, its core members moved to Belfast – from where a few issues of Ainriail were produced in 1997/98].

On the latter point note the Belfast PO Box for contact.The contents is varied with a range of pieces addressing issues like terrorism and anarchism, water charges, strikes amongst nurses, Bloody Sunday, a piece on Emma Goldman and letters.

It states that:

AINRIAIL is a class struggle anarchist col­lective, organised by and for working class people. As Anarchists we are opposed to all states and institutions, and all attitudes and ideologies that stand in the way of equality and the right of all people everywhere to con­trol their own lives and environment. The working class has no country. The class struggle is world wide and recognises no arti­ficial boundaries. The Armies and Police of all States do not exist to protect the workers of those states, they exist only as the repressive arm of the Ruling class.

The Introduction notes:

WELCOME TO number 8 of Ainriail and yet another exciting new year a head for all of us. Since the last issue the Collective has been kept busy with a number of community and work­place struggles, some of which are reported m the following pages.

Regular anarchist discussion meetings contin­ued leading to an opening for internal debate as to the direction of our class struggle anarchist politics. We would like to thank our readers for their continuing support, encouragement and feedback a few of your comments are carried within.

This magazine has been produced by Ainriail. It’s purpose is to promote anarchist politics by providing coverage of local, national and inter­national class struggle, anarchists actions and resistance.

We welcome contributions of ideas, artwork articles and any other relevant information from like-minded groups or individuals, for possible inclusion in future issues of this publication. If your group produces any publications, why not send it to us.

It also notes that…

In December of last year, the Anarcho-Syndicalist international, International Workers Association, held its XXth Congress during which our comrades Organise became affiliated to it as its Irish section.

And it includes an address for those who would like to receive the Organise! magazine.

One letter from Subversion/England congratulates the organisation and states:

The only other anarchist publication from Ireland which we see fairly regularly is Workers Solidarity and in our view Ainrial is far clearer in its opposition to Nationalism/Republicanism. We certainly support your slogan “Against All Bosses Orange and Green…One criticism I would make of Ainriail is your inclusion of adverts for Fighting Talk/Anti-Fascist Action, as “regarding links with all bosses” also means refusing to back democratic capitalism against fascist capitalism.

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