Red Banner, No. 3
Organisation: Young Socialists [ISLI]
Publication: Red Banner [ISLI]
Issue:Number 3
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

13th May 2013

Again many thanks to Roasted Snow for the above document which is one of a number which he has donated to the Archive and which will be appearing across the next number of months.

As noted here:

The ISLI was a Trotskyist party allied to the International Socialist league in the UK, which itself had split from the version of the Workers’ Revolutionary Party led by Cliff Slaughter early in 1988, where it had been organised as the ‘Bolshevik Faction’.

A student/youth based publication by the youth section of the International Socialist League it contains a broad range of articles on diverse topics including one entitled ‘The Political Revolution in the Soviet Union has begun’. Other articles of interest include: ‘Education is a revolutionary question’, ‘Scientists reject Star Wars’ and ‘Savage Cuts and arts censorship’ is penned by Corin Redgrave.

There is also an obituary of a student at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown, who was murdered by the UVF.

As Roasted Snow notes:

The Red Banner is an interesting document. I don’t think there could have been more than a few hundred printed and were circulated in the University of Ulster Campuses and QUB mostly, although the sect leader did envisage them being sold outside secondary school gates in Belfast. This is a self styled student organisation linked to the ISL Proletarian outfit, itself a pro Healey WRP offshoot. There was nothing organic about this student organisation and it was not alive within the student movement. It was the same members of the ISL targeting students. In the end the WP controlled Students Union exec had this group run out of Jordanstown Campus, as far as I remember because it wasn’t student based.


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  • By: charlie cairns Mon, 13 May 2013 08:47:58

    The murdered student was Colm McCallan, a member of Militant.

    Linen Hall Library holds 9 editions of this journal, more than I thought it would have lasted.

    No.1 – No.7Feb 1986 – Summer 1989;Summer 1990

    Reply on the CLR