Irish Political Review, No. 1
Date:July 1986
Organisation: Athol Books
Publication: Irish Political Review
Issue:Number 1
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Angela Clifford, Brendan Clifford
Type:Publication Issue
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Subjects: Divorce Referendum, 1986

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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

8th September 2008

An anonymous contributor to the Archive has forwarded the above and written the following. Many thanks.

The “Irish Political Review” began in July 1986, possibly as a successor to the British and Irish Communist Organisation publication “The Irish Communist” which had ceased publication earlier that year. The first issue was largely anonymous except for the crediting of David Alvey as editor. The main contributors included Brendan and Angela Clifford, Alvey, John Martin, Pat Maloney,Dick Spicer and Tadhg O’Connor.

Regular targets included the IRA (January 1988), Irish Neutrality (November 1986 & September 1989), John Hume (described as a “totalitarian” in the December 1986 issue) Garrett Fitzgerald (February & September 1987) and critics of the Diplock Courts and Section 31 (December 1987). Although you wouldn’t see it in this issue,the Catholic Church was a regular target as well (March 1988 laid into the Catholic hierarchy, while January 1989 savaged Sister Stanislaus Kennedy). This constant aggression was rather sometimes arbitrary – I’m still at a loss to know why the poor people of Charleville were also savaged in the October 1986 issue.

There was lots of coverage of the Irish Labour Party, possibly because many of Jim Kemmy’s Democratic Socialist Party (with B&ICO links) were thinking of joining the LP at the time (as the DSP ultimately did). Charles J. Haughey was often praised, especially for his opposition to the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

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  • By: Starkadder Wed, 10 Sep 2008 22:04:48

    That’s a good point, D & C. Certainly the IPR seems to
    regard Diarmuid Ferriter, for instance, as a revisionist of
    the Foster/Hart school.

    The AHS has also being associated with the
    Roger Casement Foundation, which regards the
    Black Diaries as forgeries and wants them destroyed
    after being disproved. The IPR has lauded the
    RCF’s work in the Feb. 2005 issue. According
    to Lucy McDiarmuid in
    the Irish Art of Controversy,
    many of the people involved in the RCF are
    unhappy at the idea of Casement being a
    active homosexual,thus suggesting an
    organisation of religious conservatives.

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  • By: WorldbyStorm Thu, 11 Sep 2008 08:03:13

    Ferriter I’d have thought was pretty mainstream and arguably a lot more considered than Hart et al…

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  • By: Captain Blood Thu, 11 Sep 2008 22:47:36

    Yon crew of Cabin Boys and Petty Officers, fighting amongst themselves do only the work of the Lubber Classes of Greengrocers and Cattle Rustlers.

    Unless ye’re producing a playbill or libel against the Admiral Sotdt of the Royal Navy, reading is just a waste of time that could be better used retouching the maps on well cured goatskin, showing where your booty and plunder are buried in stout teak chests.

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: WorldbyBreeze Fri, 12 Sep 2008 06:37:12

    “licensed chortles in an orgy of self-congratulation”
    Hmm, Captain, I don’t know about that …

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: WorldbyStorm Fri, 12 Sep 2008 07:02:52

    Yeah, surely anything but… 😦

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: NollaigO Fri, 12 Sep 2008 08:46:07


    Away, [with the fairies?] me hearties !!

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: WorldbyBreeze Fri, 12 Sep 2008 11:46:47

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: WorldbyStorm Fri, 12 Sep 2008 17:30:05

    No, no you misunderstand my almost namesake, I was saying that around here there’s little reason for orgies of congratulation, self or otherwise… which is kind of depressing when I think about it.

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  • By: WorldbyStorm Fri, 12 Sep 2008 17:30:36

    No, no you misunderstand me, almost namesake, I was saying that around here there’s little reason for orgies of congratulation, self or otherwise… which is kind of depressing when I think about it.

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  • By: Starkadder Sat, 13 Sep 2008 12:56:51

    One oddity is that in all my readings of Athol Books publications
    over the last few years,there has been absolutely no
    mention (AFAIK) of the Corrib Gas Field /Shell to Sea
    controversy. Think of it-a foreign company trying to
    exploit a native Irish resource,endangering
    the local area? Surely that would be a
    good chance for them to beat the nativist drum.

    Or maybe one of their trademark “contrarian”
    arguments about how Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern
    were pushing forward Irish Industry.

    But there’s been no mention of the Corrib Gas
    controversy at all.

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  • By: Starkadder Fri, 03 Oct 2008 18:06:33

    Did any see the October issue of Books Ireland? They had
    a length review of the second edition of Athol’s
    Elizabeth Bowen book. The BI reviewer quoted
    Brendan Clifford as saying in the book that he “admired Adolf Hitler
    as a political thinker”. :0

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  • By: Brian Sat, 04 Oct 2008 11:05:22

    Really? So Brendan Clifford admires the “political thought”
    of history’s most evil man? The words “Fascist” and “Nazi” are
    flung around indiscriminately on the net, but
    if what the BI review says is true, then it has some
    validity in Clifford’s case.

    Clifford and his followers haven’t been playing with the full deck for
    years anyway.

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  • By: m callaghan Sun, 05 Oct 2008 17:16:05

    That must include Manus ORiordan as well then?

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: Starkadder Mon, 06 Oct 2008 12:13:05

    “That must include Manus ORiordan as well then?”

    Well, that makes O’Riordan a hypocrite for not
    objecting to his boss’ admiration of a
    “political thinker” who was also the biggest
    anti-Semite in history.

    So if Brendan Clifford admires both Hitler and Stalin
    (see IPR 2004) doesn’t that basically make him
    something like a National Bolshevik or a Third Positionist ?

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  • By: M Callaghan Mon, 06 Oct 2008 14:39:21

    Ha Ha you really have a thing about Brendan Clifford – but then you’re a lapsed sticky arent you.

    Ye had the same line about the provos – I remember a WP pamphlet with a photo of a crowd supposedly giving a faascist salute at a republican funeral!!

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: Omar Little Mon, 06 Oct 2008 15:06:42

    I’m not a lapsed sticky at all. But I still think that BICO were ****s

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  • By: WorldbyStorm Mon, 06 Oct 2008 16:22:07

    I guess *I’m* a lapsed sticky… 😦 And I can’t help going some way to OL’s thoughts…

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: Starkadder Mon, 06 Oct 2008 17:38:01

    I’ve never been in the Stickies. In fact, I have never joined
    ANY political party or organization.

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: dick spicer Mon, 19 Jan 2009 20:27:00

    Jim Monaghan, just came accross this . Yes still friends I would say.
    Interesting to see you becoming the historian of the left in Ireland. Get in touch ?

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: Major McDowell - RIP - Sun, 13 Sep 2009 10:28:49

    […] Originally Posted by Prester Jim The big daddy of myers, harris and other traitors. In his favour at least he never pretended to be Irish. There was a long and disgraceful tradition of people regarding the great Douglas Gageby as a traitor because he came from a northern Irish background and adopted nationalist sympathises: Conor Cruise O'Brien, Major McDowell, and this rag here: "The Editor of the Irish Times is a very poor relation of Yeats. He is an Ulster Protestant who turned against his own people and has done well out of running them down in his editorials. He has been living in a stage Irish wonderland for many years….But what is Mr. Gageby that he should pronounce judgement on the people? He is plenty of nothing." Irish Political Review, July 1986, pg. 10-11. Left Archive: “Irish Political Review”, No.1, 1986 The Cedar Lounge Revolution […]

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