Budget 2011: 6 Billion Reasons to Join the Fight Back
Organisation: Éirígí
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

5th August 2019

Many thanks to Alan Kinsella  for forwarding this four page document to the Archive. This is the Éirígí leaflet on Budget 2011 and it points to the cuts in public expenditure, wealth inequality in Ireland as well as advertising a Budget Day Protest outside Leinster House.

There is a panel which compares ‘Capitalism vs. Socialism’ and contrasts ‘boom and bust economy’ with ‘stable economy’ and ‘class division’ with ‘one people without division’.

There is also information about Éirígí and appeals to readers to join the organisation.

It provides a a very specific sense of the activity around Éirígí at that point and the campaigns that it was heavily involved in.

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