Fightback, Conference Special, March 2011
Organisation: International Marxist Tendency in Ireland
Publication: Fightback [IMT]
Issue:Conference Special, March 2011
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

18th January 2016

Many thanks to IEL for forwarding this to the Left Archive. This is an interesting and unusual document issued by the International Marxist Tendency. The IMT was the group established by Ted Grant and Alan Woods when they split from the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) and the UK section of the CWI, Militant over the latter’s decision to move away from entryism towards the establishment of stand-alone political formations (Socialist Party in Ireland and the Socialist Party (England and Wales)).

This document, issued by the Irish section of the IMT, is a brief two pages directed very clearly at the membership of the Irish Labour Party in advance of the decision to enter government with Fine Gael in 2011. As can be expected the IMT takes a strongly antagonistic stance to that decision.

Labour needs to lead a struggle against austerity both in the Dáil and among the working class. A clear programme would demand no more cuts. Workers shouldn’t be made to pay for the bosses crisis…

And it has three core demands.

No coalition with Fine Gael

Fight Austerity

Labour needs a Socialist Programme

The history of the IMT in Ireland is of considerable interest. Did many people stay with it and does it still have a presence? Any contributions to the discussion are very welcome.


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  • By: paulmurphysp Mon, 18 Jan 2016 19:50:37

    As far as I know, nobody from the Irish Militant went with the IMT. The main IMTer in Ireland at the time of this publication was a Spanish guy who had come over to work. He did organise some Marxist education meetings which some Labour Youth people went to but they didn’t join. Not sure what he’s doing now, the Spanish section of the IMT (which had been the biggest group which went with the IMT in the split with the CWI) has split twice since, with the vast majority outside the IMT.

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: Jolly Red Giant Mon, 18 Jan 2016 21:34:48

    In reply to paulmurphysp.

    Nobody from the CWI in Ireland went with the IMT when the split occurred in 1992. A couple of former members said they were going to join but didn’t actually do anything in the end.

    The IMT made some overtures to elements associated with the IRSP in an attempt to re-establish an IMT presence in Ireland (Alan Woods reverted somewhat to his previous left republican outlook from the 1960s once outside the CWI) but it came to nothing.

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